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Traveling is like a new life each day. Somedays are planned and some unplanned. There is so much to be explored. Every place brings a bucket full of fun, challenges, amazing views, scrumptious food, and experiences. Travelling is like clay you can mold it in your ways. Where to go, live, eat, party, and travel. The freedom and challenges that come with travel allow you to know yourself and the beautiful world.

Once in a while meet yourself,

The once-in-a-while will become a lifetime memory and…

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You are probably familiar with this word if you have seen the Disney Pixar movie, Luca.

Alberto, Luca’s friend often uses the word to tell Luca that there is a Bruno in his head which means a nagging voice that tells him that he can’t do something or not good enough. He tells him to shout ‘Silenzio Bruno’ (shut up Bruno) whenever he hears that voice.

It’s possible to stop negative thoughts before they start messing up if you’re conscious enough to identify them as soon as…

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There was a girl who used to believe in fairy tales where it’s all beautiful and beds of roses.

Where all the problems can be solved by the wave of a magic wand or by going to some mystical land, where she ends up finding prince charming.

As the girl grew up, she realized life is no bed of roses. Here, you have to fight for survival every day and nothing will be solved by the gust of wind.

The girl was crazy, she lived life like a carefree bird, if life gave her lemons she made lemonade and drank…

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Mirror Mirror on the wall who you think I am

Your reflection is not the complete truth.

It’s only imaged but, self-reflection is the bigger truth.

You only know me from outside but, I am more than what I look.

There are so many pieces of me inside, floating to be understood.


Mirror Mirror you are not true

You know only half of me. The other half is inaccessible,

it got far deeper roots.

You only gave me momentary confidence but that did not last.

I am strong as hell,

I let pass everything over and still standing hard…

10 Morning Habits for a Productive Day

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Mornings are beautiful…

Fresh air, soft sky, silence, chirping of birds, and the positive vibes that the time holds.

Three years ago, I discovered the power of having a morning routine. This has made a huge difference in my lifestyle and has made me a morning person.

Mornings are magical if you start your day right. It sets the tone for the whole day and keeps you moving.

There is no one-size-fits-all routine, one should experiment and stick to one that suits them best.

Let’s discuss, the recipe for a productive morning routine that will add value to your life and the day…

Top 5 Benefits of Journaling on your Health

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Journaling is not just about writing it is pouring yourself on a piece of paper without any fear. Through writing about your thoughts and emotions you get clarity in your mind and it allows you to track your behavior. It is no less than therapy for your mind.

Let’s dive into the surprising benefits of journaling on your health.

  1. Healing

Journaling is a powerful and great therapy for your…


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